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Oops, I forgot to register for the Fall 2016 / Spring 2017 season!

In-person registration is over for the Fall 2016 / 2017 season, but families that are still interested in signing up can still do so and be guaranteed a spot on a team.

In order to register now, go to and sign in (or register if this is the first time). 

Choose NEW PLAYER or RETURNING PLAYER and fill out the form. Choose REGION 823 for Holly Davisburg AYSO.

Don't forget to ESIGN, which is oddly placed in the middle of 9th page (don't worry all the pages are really short)

After completing the form, print two (2) copies of the player form, you and child should sign the concussion form, and if the child has never played before include a copy of the birth certificate.

Then mail the forms to the address found on the first page


Why sign up for AYSO Soccer?

AYSO is child-first and child focused. We are a soccer organization with happy, healthy kids as our passion.

Every decision, every rule and every program has "what's good for kids" as its basis. Every girl and boy stepping on a soccer field for the first time can have fun. AYSO's child-first approach also makes it one of the finest player development programs. Everybody likes to win, but developing successful players and people is what's fundamental in AYSO.

You can set a soccer ball down on any corner in the world and have friends. It is a global sport that Americans have embraced in record numbers... because it's fun even with a beginner's skill. It's also a game you can play and enjoy for the rest of your life (U-5 soccer is one of the fastest growing levels in the U.S.!)

With children's natural joy in running and kicking, soccer builds on these two skills and adds in techniques to control the ball and work as a team. It also encourages creative decision making and strategic thinking. And it's a fast game that keeps each player moving the entire time. In AYSO there's no spending the game on the bench!

AYSO has age appropriate small-sided games. A full size soccer team has 11 players on the field. But smaller-sided teams for younger children allow more touches on the ball and a more successful soccer learning environment.

AYSO small-sided games emulate classic "street soccer" where children of many skill levels choose up teams and play together for a fun neighborhood game. This is a similar environment to where many of the greatest soccer players in the world developed their skills. Small-sided games continue as excellent development

  • Kids from 4 years old to 14 years old
  • Gives your child the opportunity to play a full season of soccer – 8 games in the fall & 8 games in the spring
  • Organization focused on teaching soccer in a safe, FUN environment where Everyone Plays!
  • Trained coaches and referees to grow your child’s knowledge of the game and good sportsmanship
  • Volunteer organization that allows parents to be a part of their child’s soccer experience


How does it work?

Pre-register at WWW.EAYSO.ORG; if you've registered in past years, use your existing login and all you need to do is renew for next season in just a few clicks.

If you haven't played AYSO before, create a new account and follow the prompts to register your child (additional children can be added easily after the first child.

After you have pre-registered, print two forms and sign both--make sure your child signs the third page. Then, bring them to the field on Saturday, June 4 or Saturday, June 11 from 10 am until 2 pm.

The soccer fields are at Sherman Middle School, 14470 N. Holly Rd, Holly, MI 48442

Please bring CHECK or CASH only.  (Next year we will be able to take credit cards on the website).


What is the cost?

From June 12 through June 30, the price climbs to $100 for the first child and $75 for each additional child.

After July 1, the cost will increase to $110 for the first child and $85 for each additional child -- if we have room.

Uniforms can be purchased at registration for $30. Uniforms include reversible jersey, shorts and socks.

PLEASE REGISTER EARLY. We need to know approximately what our numbers will be so we can recruit coaches, referees, order equipment, etc. Once we finish on field registration we immediately start recruiting and planning. After July 1, there is no guarantee we can get your child on a team.  The past several years have been very difficult with so many families waiting until the last minute, causing all kinds of difficulties when it comes to creating teams.






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